Aesthetic & Function


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This work arose from the author’s desire to communicate and transmit a series of information and techniques that he has used with great success in recent years. This book– or better called a manual– can be used in everyday work It shows a guide with codified technical steps to achieve excellent results in everyday life. The use of appropriate devices such as transfer facebows and articulators (with their accessories) is a fundamental part of achieving these goals, but it is essential to implement a working protocol that helps us to use these devices correctly. The author shows his personal protocol, which he has developed and tested over more than twenty years together with his practitioners, and which enables us to achieve excellent aesthetic and functional results in our daily work. In addition to the protocol, some clinical cases are presented for dental technicians and dentists. 

Author: Claudio Nannini
336 pages, 827 glossy pictures 
ISBN: 978-88-89626-34-4


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