3D Composites – Natural Shading and Shaping (englisch)

3D Composites – Natural Shading and Shaping (englisch)

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Dentist Ulf Krueger-Janson is one of the world’s most noted experts for functional and aesthetic composite chairside techniques.

At the beginning, his new reference book concentrates on the training of the senses in order to become able to perceive and reproduce the shapes, contours as well as the colour of individual teeth more consciously. Once the senses are sharpened, it’s time for the implementation: The book contains a practice-orientated instruction sheet for an uncomplicated layer construction as well as hints for the correct handling of the appropriate materials and tools. Finally, the reader gets the chance to track the author’s technique corresponding to the localisation of the fillings and with the aid of selected case studies.

Last but not least Ulf Krueger-Janson opens his fundus of case studies and offers the practitioner a finely structured compendium of aesthetically and functionally perfectly solved problem and/or special cases.

The book consists of eight chapters that captivate the reader due to their didactics, composition and the brilliance of the illustrations. A book that at the same time inspires, instructs and motivates. A ‚must-have’ for every ambitioned practitioner.

Hardcover, 264 pages, approx. 1300 illustrations
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