Anteriores – Naturally Beautiful Anterior Teeth (englisch)

Anteriores – Naturally Beautiful Anterior Teeth (englisch)

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This is a book about beauty - more specifically, the beauty of teeth.

The author approaches this subject from different angles and explains that the practice of dentistry and dental technology means far more than pandering to cosmetic frivolities or the vanity of the patient.

Having delved deeply into the theoretical aspects of beauty, Jan Hajtó turns to the physical objects of our work - teeth and their relation to the smile on a face. This book was written by a practitioner for practitioners and aims at explaining the design rules for beautiful teeth. It sets out to inspire the reader, to make the reader discover the joy of creatively shaping dental forms and a pleasant, beautiful smile.

A book by Jan Hajtó

Softcover, reprint, approx. 272 pages, approx. 503 pictures
Englische Version

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